Member Breakdown

How our organization is represented

11 countries

10 states

16 majors

12 minors

32 double majors

48 members

Impact Projects

Each semester, Voyager Consulting chooses a project based on the positive impact that it will have. This initiative has allowed us to work with nonprofit organizations and corporations to conduct research and develop strategic recommendations to increase their outreach, as well as providing members with the opportunity to give back to the larger community.

Member Testimonials

As a club, we value diverse experiences and backgrounds, and encourage our members to bring their unique perspectives and skill sets to our projects. This breadth of knowledge of our members allow us to go above and beyond on our projects, as our members are able to use their diverse academic interests and majors, personal passions, and a global perspective.


The members of Voyager Consulting find it incredibly important to give back to our community and support various nonprofit organizations. In order to do this, we provide monetary donations to a multiple charities that are chosen by and supported by our members.

DEI Team

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our DEI team.