Past Projects

Our Project Leaders and consultants consistently push themselves to complete the most complex tasks from our clients. We believe that no issue is too complex to address and that no client should be unsatisfied. Each project team is carefully selected to best fit the task at hand. At the end of the cycle, we challenge ourselves to deliver practical, yet innovative solutions with measurable impact, backed up by data and reasoning.

    Client Division Project
Market Research INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Business Development Industry overview of mobile game market
TRENDS ANALYSIS Marketing Science Trends analysis of advertiser preferences for print vs digital ads
COMPETITOR LANDSCAPE Global Market Strategy Competitors landscape for clean energy in emerging markets
Business Model MARKET ENTRY Amazon Payments Market entry and incentivization strategy for student credit card
VALUE PROPOSITION Marketing Value proposition to galvanize physical media sales
REGIONAL REBRANDING Business Development Regional rebranding of the NBA's platform in UK and Asia markets
Marketing & Sales ADVERTISING STRATEGY Product Development Advertising Strategy for myEDU platform to students
BRAND POSITIONING Market Research Market research on eyewear buying preferences
SALES DEVELOPMENT Sales Sales development for online ads targeted at males, 18-24
Pricing COST STRUCTURE Customer Success Cost structure of cloud services
PRICING MODELS Product Marketing Pricing model for video game controllers
Product Research PRODUCT LINE Product Marketing Product line research for new features that increase engagement
MONETIZATION STRATEGY Amazon Campus Monetization strategy for consumables and Prime delivery

Case Study: Market Entry into Asia

  • Problem

    Client wanted to investigate the main factor behind lack of top-line growth in an important Asian market where their target demographic was growing rapidly
    Client was unsure where the market was headed, how large the market was, which customers segments to focus on and how to optimally price

  • Project

    Develop a market entry strategy for this country, including identifying distribution channels, market sizing, customer segmentation and pricing strategy
    Data sources included expert interviews with distributors, other online retailers and government officials regarding the payment landscape; market research databases such as Euromonitor were also accessed

  • Solution

    Client has begun to adopt several strategies recommended by Voyager, including a different structure and focus as it aims to grow market share in this region