Industry Overview
Trends Analysis
Competitive Landscape


Product Line
Monetization Strategy


Customer Segments
Value Propositions
Distribution Channels


Advertising Strategy
Brand Positioning
Sales Development


Cost Structure Analysis
Pricing Models


Vendor Selection
People Operations

Our Services

The key to Voyager’s growth has been a tireless work ethic to support the right strategy with the appropriate data no matter the size or difficulty of the problem. Each team is built specifically around the client and strives to craft a solution that will not only inform a client decision but make a measurable impact towards a client’s goal.

Project Breakdown

How a typical project team operates

1 Project Leader

2 Strategy Advisors

4-5 Consultants

12 Weeks

Client Testimonials

Building Positive Relationships With Our Clients

“The Voyager Consulting team was excellent. We asked them to do a competitive analysis and share thoughts on a marketing strategy for a product targeting a new audience for our business unit. The team exceeded expectations across the board. The analysis they performed was all very thoughtful and thorough, the presentations polished and professional, and the recommendations tangible and actionable. Their final presentation generated a lot of discussion among our team and has served as a valuable resource for marketing planning.”
Director of Strategy and Product Marketing at Adobe (Spring 2020)
"The Voyager team did a fantastic job providing industry research for several customer-focused strategies. They were diligent, detailed, and open to working with us in developing the end product. Their research methodology was thoughtful and clearly articulated. Once we communicated our objectives, I found them to be resourceful and creative in finding research channels that were relevant and valuable to our team. We continue to refer to the learnings they presented in their final deliverable and I would highly recommend Voyager to other organizations."
Senior Manager at Aritzia (Fall 2019)

Business Inquiries

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