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  • How does Voyager carry out projects?
    There are four to five projects a semester. A project consists of a project leader, two to three senior advisors (past project leaders), and four to five consultants. The team works together throughout the semester to solve pressing problems faced by our clients. At the end of the semester, we present our work to the client through either online or in-person deliverables.
  • What makes Voyager unique?
    Voyager is unique in that it’s a purely member driven club. We are a tight-knit community and everyone gets equal share when it comes to making decisions. We source projects based on our members’ interests and everyone has an equal vote on things from socials to recruitment. We usually have a mix of both quantitative and qualitative projects and members get to work on the projects that interest them the most.
  • What is the application process?
    The application consists of a resume, transcript, and a short written response. You can learn more about the recruitment process on our 'Join Us' page.
  • Are there interviews?
    Yes. If you are selected to move forward after the initial application, we will hold a 30-minute first round interview where you will be asked both behavioral and technical questions. If you then advance to the final round, you will be invited to a social round to interact with our members in an informal setting. Then, we will hold a one hour interview with you that will be similar in structure to your first round interview.
  • What is the recruiting timeline?
    Please refer to our 'Join Us' tab or follow the link here for our timeline.
  • How do I prepare for interviews?
    For the behavioral portion of the interview, we recommend you prepare answers for common questions regarding your past academic and professional experiences, suitability for Voyager, interest in consulting, and strengths and weaknesses. To best prepare for the technical portion of the interview, we recommend you attend our case workshop where we walk you through one of our past case interviews. You can also use external sources (e.g. Victor Cheng’s book Case In Point) to learn how to better tackle case interviews.
  • Do I have to come to both Info Sessions?
    No. The two sessions are similar in structure. However, if you feel that you would like to meet more members of the organization, you are more than welcome to attend both.
  • Do I have to come to Info Sessions in order to apply?
    No. Info sessions are not mandatory, but we highly recommend you attend at least one Info Session to learn more about our organization, our culture, and our members.
  • What is the Case Workshop and is attendance required?
    The Case Workshop teaches you how to tackle case interviews - ones that you’ll see in our interview and in real consulting firms. In small groups, we walk you through one of the cases we have used in the past during interviews.
  • Do I have to be a business or economics major in order to apply?
    Absolutely not! Voyager members have a variety of backgrounds, majors, and intellectual passions and pursuits. Each member is wholly unique and brings different ideas to the table. We are looking for applicants who demonstrate genuine passion and commitment to the organization, display a strong foundation in critical thinking skills, and can bring innovative perspectives to our project teams.
  • Can I apply as a freshman?
    Yes. Voyager accepts applicants from all years.
  • Do I need prior consulting experience?
    No, applicants do not need any prior consulting experience. Once admitted, we have a dedicated professional development program that will help you build your career and academic profile. We will also teach you all the skills you will need as a consultant through your first semester and beyond.
  • When are applications due?
    Our application has not been released yet, but you can stay updated by filling out the interest form. To get to the form, click on the 'Join Us' tab or follow the link here.
  • What if I have an offer from another consulting or business organization?
    Let us know if you have an offer from another consulting or business organization and we will help you make an informed decision.
  • What benefits do I receive as a member of Voyager Consulting?
    Voyager consultants learn and grow together. Despite varied academic interests, our members share a passion for their work that translates into lifelong friendships.
  • Am I always a member or do I have to re-apply every semester?
    No, once admitted you become a member of Voyager Consulting for life.
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